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Growing fruits and vegetables at home is fun and easy! It is something you can do as a family, too!

Create your own container garden!


Make sure to add all of the ingredients to your grocery list to make a stir fry or grab some seeds at the store to grow your own!

Garden Stir Fry Recipe!


Treat your taste buds to these yummy recipes created and tested by kids just like you!! Try "Chicken Taco Tower" and "Wrap It Up" by budding chefs! After you make these recipes, maybe you'd like to try to create your own! It's time to cook!

Check out these recipes just for kids!


Encourage children to eat vegetables and fruits by making it fun. Provide healthy ingredients and let kids help with preparation, based on their age and skills. Kids may try foods they avoided in the past if they helped make them.

10 tips for making healthy foods more fun for children.


Learn new songs and ways to move your body! Check out our video page!

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Healthy Tips for Teen Guys

Feed your growing body by making better food choices today as a teen and as you continue to grow into your twenties.

Healthy Tips for Teen Girls

Young girls have a lot of changes going on in their bodies. Building healthier habits will help you—now as a growing teen—and later in life.