Recipe of the Month: Yogurt Parfait


•6 cups or bowls

•Cutting board

•Measuring cups

•Measuring spoons

•Sharp knife


1. If using fresh fruit, rinse, peel, and/or trim as needed. If using thawed frozen fruit, drain any excess juices. Cut fruit into ¼-inch thick slices. There should be about 3 cups total.

2. Layer ¼ cup yogurt into each of 6 cups or bowls. Top with ¼ cup sliced fruit and 2 Tablespoons granola.

3. Repeat layers one more time, ending with a layer of granola.

4. If using, top with sliced almonds.


Layer parfait just before serving to keep granola crunchy.

Use any high-fiber cereal you like instead of granola.

Try topping with rinsed, chopped fresh mint leaves for extra flavor and color.

To save money, use fresh fruits that are in season. When seasonal fruits are hard to find, use thawed frozen fruit.

Use leftover fruit in Fruit Smoothies.

Use Homemade Granola.